Grunge music. Tamagotchis. AOL. Beanie Babies. Fanny packs. Blockbuster. Discman. Spice Girls. Nintendo 64. Pogs. Rollerblades. Snap bracelets. Nirvana. Frosted tips. Fresh Prince. Lisa Frank. Hacky sack. Dunkaroos. Boy bands. Butterfly clips. JNCO jeans. Pokémon. Titanic. Slap bracelets. Super Soakers. Goosebumps. Beepers. Lisa Simpson. Beavis and Butt-Head. Game Boy Color. Pulp Fiction. Starter jackets. The Macarena. Clueless. Saved by the Bell. 56k dial-up. Tickle Me Elmo. Surge. Discman. Doc Martens. Furbies. Inflatable furniture. Tommy Hilfiger. Blockbuster nights. Crystal Pepsi. “Friends” sitcom. Spice World. Y2K fears.