Wroxton College Class Portraits

Spring, 1968Class of Spring, 1968
Portraits in hallwayFramed class portraits
on the walls by Reception.
Spring, 2020 classClass of Spring, 2020

It’s a Wroxton College ritual that began with the first students in the spring of 1965: the class portrait. Usually posed outside on the weathered stone porch of the Abbey, the first two decades of portraits were all shot in black and white.

old group portrait

Posing on the Abbey Porch, 19??

As may be noted by the archival image to the left, such portraits on the porch did not originate with Wroxton College. The gallery on our history page has a number of other examples.
Each of these portraits—one for every fall, spring, and summer semester—was framed and mounted in a corridor in the Abbey. The first years’ portraits were hung on the walls adjacent to the Reception Office just off the entrance to the building. After the first few decades of students’ likenesses filled that space, the walls of the basement were added to the ever-expanding gallery of students who called Wroxton Abbey their home. Each of these student portraits—nearly 150 in all—may be seen in the galleries below.